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A Hosted Domain & Website on Mult--Hosting Cloud Computing environment ( Server #HL Drive D) featuring "mult-user multi-account" WebSBA®.







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a Hosted Domain & Website on Multi-Hosting Windows Domain Webserver
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To enter the WebSBA based cloud accounting service click here is an “Accounting service” with domain name, cloud Accounting software and Web Server.  The cloud server is located in the Accounting professional’s office and is connected to the Internet with a fast communication line.

The cloud Accounting software includes all basic Accounting functions:  G/L G/J A/P A/R & Inventory Management. In addition, the package includes Time and Attendance, Payroll, Production Management with Bill of Material Requirements Planning work Orders and Fixed Asset management.


Other Accountants, Bookkeepers, or CPAs

They may acquire their own domain and use the cloud service for their own practice. However, they would have their own server with past connection to the internet through fix IP address to provide for their clients to enter their transaction on the cloud and for the Accountant to audit, make adjustments (and “off-site” backups) and generate reports.

For Entrepreneurs:

Everything you needed to setup an e-Commerce system seamlessly integrated with the in-house “brick and mortar” Accounting and Production Management system.  Customers, vendors, and employees have the convenience to transact their business on the cloud from anywhere in the world through our website.

Find out how it works.                             Check it out live.

The Application was developed by a Small Business and has been used by a variety of small business since 2003. More importantly, it includes Payroll with user modifiable Tax Tables.



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